September 13 2014 Saturday at 02:43 PM

Product review: PEP ( pettet endurance project )

The Shevlin, men's long sleeve merino wool base layer. I'm am not going to give you all the specs for this shirt. This is what you need to know: the shirt was true to size and high quality (made in Oregon!)
If you live here in the Northwest, running outside during winter is a must! Running when the temperatures drop below freezing creates some problems. ..eventually you start sweating. And then you get cold and miserable.
I ran with my Shevlin yesterday. Temperature was hovering around 30 deg (not frigid). I ran for about 3 hrs with a lot of climbing. I did get wet (sweat) but I never was cold, actually it was the perfect temperature. I wore my Shevlin as a base layer with a Pearl Izumi shell.
Merino wool is perfect for our winters and PEP has the softest product on the market.
I was very impressed and I am looking forward to my next run.